JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2020 – Best Popularity Jewelry Award

JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2020 has entered the final stage. All Open Group finalists have been produced into physical jewelry products to compete for the Open Group awards.

This year, the “Best Popularity Jewelry Award” has been newly added to raise public involvement. Everyone is welcome to vote for your favorite jewelry. Let’s join together to appreciate each well-designed jewelry!

There is only one quota for the “Best Popularity Jewelry Award”, which is selected by the public through “one person, one vote” on the Competition website. The awarded designer will receive a cash prize of HK$5000! Everyone is welcome to vote for your favorite jewelry and at the same time appreciate the unique and exquisite designs. Let’s vote to support the ingenious design with action!

To Participate
  • Please to fill in your personal information before entering the voting page.
  • Select your favorite jewelry (choose only ONE) from the 16 finalist in the Open Group.
  • Click “Submit” after your selection, and then click “Confirm Submission”.
  • Entering the “Voted Successfully” page means that we have well received your response.
  • The result announcement and the Award Presentation Ceremony will be held at the “JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show” on 28 November, 2020 (2 pm).
  • Each person can only vote once and can only vote for one entry.
  • To be fair, each entry is given with a reference number, the designer’s name and his/her sponsoring company will not be displayed.
  • Once the voting form is submitted, no changes can be made.
  • Please follow the instructions and complete the voting form accordingly before the deadline (on or before HKT 23:59 on 26 November, 2020). Late submission will be considered invalid.